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  The Leaders in Treatment for Dizziness and Balance Dysfunction  

For Physicians


"My patients consistently report superb treatment at Balance Disorders Institute, and I see the results."
Dr. Hart Cohen - Neurologist, Cedars Sinai

"Which test is best for my patient?"

Typically, many patients may need the VAT/ENG combination when there are concerns of dizziness, while others may only need clinical balance assessment. To avoid confusion or redundancy, our highly trained & fully licensed staff can assist you in selecting specific testing combinations. We are only a phone call away and are here to answer your questions!

"When do I get the test results?"

Results are typically available within 24 hours. A typed report will explain the test data, along with recommendations to assist you in making the most accurate diagnosis possible. We can also suggest effective therapy options if needed.

"Tell me about your therapy options!"

Since 1995 The Balance Disorders Institute has provided the most effective vestibular & balance therapy available with Medicare tracking outcomes to prove it. Our methods are clinically proven and we teach them throughout the US and internationally. Dynamic protocols include: computerized VOR/vestibular exercises, Tai Chi, Yoga, dynamic weight training, kinetic postural retraining and fall prevention strategies to name a few.

Treatment at The Balance Disorders Institute utilizes proven proprietary tools developed from years of clinical practice. Postural control, Sensory Integration, proprioception, and dynamic vestibular responses are just a few of the clinical strategies we use to create functional and effective therapies.

Balance disorders of all types are treated:

• Dizziness
• Imbalance
• Falls
• Gait disorders
• CVA & Parkinson's
• Hip/knee replacement therapy

Therapy is typically rendered 2 x a week for up to 6 weeks for elderly patients, while younger patients may only need a guided home program. Individual needs are usually determined on the first clinical visit, and therapy is ALWAYS provided by licensed and trained Physical Therapy staff.