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  The Leaders in Treatment for Dizziness and Balance Dysfunction  


"These guys really knew how to take care of me. I felt like a star!"
-Ed McMahon, Actor

Vestibular and Balance Therapy
is a specialized form of physical therapy that treats the debilitating effects of dizziness and balance disorders. Patients with balance disorders often report a variety of symptoms such as dizziness, imbalance, walking difficulties, and falls. This may occur from damage to the vestibular apparatus, the central nervous system, or from postural and strength deficits. Therefore, it is important that the origin of the disorder is properly diagnosed or "differentiated" in order to render effective therapy. A physician ordered audiology diagnostic work-up is recommended prior to starting balance therapy.

Once the origin of the balance disorder has been determined through diagnostic testing, the patient is given a clinical evaluation. The goals of the evaluation are to assess physical performance with encountered environments, establish baseline measures, fall risk, and to determine the most appropriate type and level balance exercises.

The Balance Disorders Institute utilizes distinct therapy protocols based on your distinct diagnosis. Results are superior to traditional balance therapy programs and treatment duration time is much shorter. Typically patients are scheduled for 2 times a weeks for 4 to 6 weeks. Therapy sessions are one-on-one with a licensed Physical Therapist. A home program is often given as well to shorten treatment time and reduce recovery time.

Balance Therapy consists of:

        • Strengthening
        • Safety awareness
        • Postural and balance exercises
        • Gait exercises
        • Vestibular stimulation
        • Proprioception tasks
        • Sensory integration
        • Patient education